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  1. FFXIV_ENDWALKER_logo_EN.png

    FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker

    PlatformsPC, PS4, PS5
    Release date

    Endwalker™ is the highly anticipated fourth expansion pack for FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online. Endwalker features the climax of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story, in which Warriors of Light will encounter an even greater calamity than ever before as they travel to the far reaches of Hydaelyn and even to the moon. In addition to bringing the long-running story arc that began with A Realm Reborn™ to its conclusion, Endwalker will mark a new beginning for the beloved MMO, setting the stage for new adventures that longtime fans and new players can enjoy together.

  2. CCFF7R_logo_rgb_bk_tm.png


    PlatformsPC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, XSX
    Release date

    CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION is a remaster of the PlayStation®Portable exclusive, CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII–, the 2007 cult classic action RPG and prequel to FINAL FANTASY VII. CCRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION is a true remaster that follows the original story of SOLDIER 1st Class Zack Fair on his mission to find missing SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos, unraveling the stories of Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeith, Tifa and more. CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION will launch December 13, 2022 on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, PC & Nintendo Switch™.

  3. DioField_Chronicle_logo_text.png

    The DioField Chronicle

    PlatformsPC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, XSX
    Release date

    The DioField Chronicle is an all-new strategy-RPG that immerses players in an epic tale of war and honor, is coming to the PlayStation®5 (PS5™) system, the PlayStation®4 console, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and STEAM® later this year. Developed by SQUARE ENIX in conjunction with Lancarse Ltd, a team of veteran strategy developers, the game features unique character designs by Taiki (Lord of Vermilion III, IV), concept art by Isamu Kamikokuryo (FINAL FANTASY XII, FINAL FANTASY XIII) and has beautifully orchestrated music by world-renowned composers Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell, known best for their work on Game of Thrones.