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Goetia to be first game published by Square Enix Collective

Point-and-click mystery adventure Goetia will be the first game to be published under the Square Enix Collective banner, and will be available to play at the Square Enix booth during Paris Games Week.

The game is being developed by France-based Sushee and was initially uploaded onto the Collective Feedback platform in 2014, gaining an excellent 90% Yes vote ratio. The project was also supported via Collective through its Kickstarter campaign, which succeeded in hitting its $30,000 target in February this year.

The game will launch on Steam® in early 2016, and challenge gamers to discover why Abigail Blackwood finds herself raised as a ghost to haunt her deserted former home – Blackwood Manor.

I’m delighted to reveal the first of a number of projects we’ll be publishing through Square Enix Collective in the coming months and years,” said the initiative’s creator and project lead, Phil Elliott. “Over the past two years we’ve met and worked with a large number of talented teams, and learned a great deal in the process – to help give some of those projects the best possible launch is the next exciting milestone for us here.”

It’s a great opportunity for Sushee and for Goetia, to be able to access such fantastic resources and expertise while still retaining complete control over our own destiny,” added Benjamin Anseaume, producer at Sushee. “We’ve enjoyed working with Phil and the team over the past year, and we’re really happy to be continuing that relationship all the way to launch.”

Find out more about Goetia on the official website.

Pankapu® – the latest Kickstarter project to be supported by Collective – launches October 27

Colourful Side-scrolling platformer Pankapu is the final Kickstarter project to be supported by Collective this year, and is being created by Too Kind Studio® – also from France.

With a deep story and striking visual style, Pankapu tells the story of a shadow warrior travelling across the oneiric world Omnia, striking down the nightmares that are trying to invade humanity.

The team is targeting EUR 40,000 to complete development, and the game is planned for release across a series of episodes beginning in early 2017. Square Enix Collective completed a Team Assessment on Too Kind Studio and we’re happy to support a team that we believe has the skills and experience to complete the game as planned.

The campaign will launch on Kickstarter on October 27.

Collective and Elevate Strategic Management agree marketing partnership

Projects published by Collective, starting with Goetia, will benefit from world class marketing support provided by leading US-based marketing agency Elevate Strategic Management.

The publishing arrangement will see Collective provide the marketing budget for the game, with Elevate taking responsibility for strategy, creative, media services, events and partnership opportunities. As with all projects currently planned to be published by Collective, the developer will retain IP and the majority net revenue share.

Elevate will be bringing years of knowledge and experience working within the gaming space. Elevate will also be bringing in several key partners to develop a range of world-class services, including Petrol® Advertising for all creative execution and media planning, along with EEDAR® for all gaming research & insights. The partnership with Collective means that developers will benefit from Elevate’s full range of talent and expertise within the industry to help provide the best possible results for the team.

“I’m really pleased to be working with the team at Elevate Strategic Management – they have an amazing track record, and a large part of that is down to their dedication to games of all shapes and sizes,” said Phil Elliott. “The budget we assign to projects will be extremely efficient due to the nature of the agreement, and I’m excited to see the results from this kind of incentivisation – which I believe is unique.”

Square Enix Collective is a platform that aims to help independent developers find an audience for their projects, by enabling them to tap into our community and media resources. Projects which gamers support through the initial Feedback phase may be offered continued support through crowdfunding too; but developers are free to choose whether to accept, and retain IP and creative control over their projects.

Collective also offers distribution and publishing services to games already funded, and invests in production of a small number of titles to help them complete development and get to release.

For more information on Square Enix Collective, or if you wish to talk to any of the developers featured on the Feedback platform or supported through funding, please contact your local PR rep or directly via:

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