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LOS ANGELES (Apr. 2, 2021) – Adventures in FINAL FANTASY® XI Online continue with today’s release of the game’s April version update. This month’s update brings the dramatic conclusion to the San d’Oria arc of The Voracious Resurgence™ storyline, offering a fresh twist for players as orcish fiends descend from Rhazowa.

April’s version update also includes a variety of additional content for players to enjoy:

  • The Voracious Resurgence Story UpdateThe third and final chapter of the San d’Oria story arc has finally arrived, with new surprises for players to uncover.
  • Ambuscade UpdateApril’s Ambuscade update features returning battles for both Intense Ambuscades and Normal Ambuscades. Intense Ambuscades feature the Meeble battle, while Normal Ambuscade mark the return of the ferocious shadow dragon for the first time in five years.
  • Spring Battle Support CampaignPlayers can take advantage of numerous bonuses and campaigns to aid them on their journeys from April 9th through April 30th at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)—bonuses include bonus item drops and increased drop rates for select content, an abjuration dial login campaign, and much more. Full details are available on the campaign website:
  • April Login CampaignSpecial items from the January, February, and March login campaigns return, giving players another chance to obtain equipment such as the Adenium Masque and Adenium Suit, the Wivre mount, Mandragora Pot, and more.
The Adenium Suit, Mandragora Pot, and Wivre Mount

Full details for the April version update can be found here:
FINAL FANTASY XI Online adventurers now have a tool at their disposal to find old friends with the FFXI ReFriender. The application aids players of the acclaimed SQUARE ENIX® MMORPG title in reuniting with friends that shared past adventures. More information on the FFXI ReFriender system may be found at
Furthermore, the newly introduced Assist Channel chat channel helps new and returning players connect with FINAL FANTASY XI Online veterans to learn tips and make new friends and connections.
FINAL FANTASY XI Online is an online multiplayer RPG that challenges players to journey through the world of Vana’diel — a world of fantasy, adventure, and exploration. Heed the call and join players from around the world to become the hero that Vana’diel needs. Discover new creatures, pioneer wild lands, and conquer quests on your daring journey.
FINAL FANTASY XI Online is rated T (Teen). Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.
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