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Players Can Look Forward to the True DRAGON QUEST V Event and
Version 4.0 Updates  ​​​​​​​

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 24, 2022) SQUARE ENIX® today launched a variety of new updates and events for their hit mobile tactical RPG, DRAGON QUEST™ TACT, which has been downloaded more than five million times since its global launch in January 2021. DRAGON QUEST TACT is celebrating its 1,000-day Launch Anniversary on October 24. To commemorate, players can take part in the True DRAGON QUEST V Event as well as experience the Version 4.0 updates.
More details on the limited-time events and updates for DRAGON QUEST TACT follow below:

  • True Dragon Quest V Event - Available From Oct. 23 to Nov. 30, 2023
    • New Quests: The True DRAGON QUEST V Event quests features an original, never before told story within the True DRAGON QUEST V universe starring characters such as Pankraz Gotha.  Players can recruit the Hero Family S-Rank Pankraz Gotha to their roster of heroes by clearing the event quests.
    • New Character: The iconic Hero of DRAGON QUEST V, the S-Rank Legendary Monster Wrangler joins the line-up of heroes with the Legendary Monster Wrangler SP Scout available for a Limited Time.  As a call back to the ability to recruit monsters in the original True DRAGON QUEST V, this hero has the ability to call ally Monsters in DRAGON QUEST TACT to change the tides of tactical battles.
    • Special Mission and Login Bonus Rewards: Players can exchange items for loads of rewards by challenging Special Missions and there will be time-limited login bonuses during this event, including one or more SP Scout Vouchers, Gems, Hero Fragments, and Stamina Herbs!
    • Guild Co-Op Battle and Single Battle: Mega Boss Estark: Starting October 29, 2023, players can work with their fellow guild members to take down the powerful Estark. Players can challenge and clear the Guild Missions to get the event-limited S-Rank armor Shimmering Shield, a Legendary Monster Wrangler Icon, and other prizes.  Players can also challenge the Mega Boss Estark solo in Single Battles which includes up to 20 stages, and a chance to earn rare equipment and more rewards.
  • Version 4.0 Updates - Available Starting Today and On!
    • Version 4.0 Update SP Scout – Up to 100 Free Scouts: To celebrate the Version 4.0 Update, a 4.0 Update SP Scout is available now until December 31, 2023.  Players can take part to obtain a maximum of 100 free SP Scouts, and within that 100 SP Scouts, 10 Scouts will consist of a special SP Scout with one S-Rank character guaranteed.  Players can use 4.0 Update SP Scout Vouchers to perform the Scouts, which can be obtained the first nine days of the 4.0 Update SP Scout Login Bonus until November 30, 2023.
    • 48 Hours Only! 4.0 Update Double Spotlight SP Scout Part 1~7:  An additional special series of Scout will be available until October 31, 2023.  The “48 Hours Only! 4.0 Update Double Spotlight SP Scout” will be a 60x limited SP Scout that puts spotlight on two S-Rank characters.  Part 1 of the Scout, available until October 25, 2023, puts the spotlight on Hero Family S-Rank Hero Solo and Hero Family S-Rank Hero Erdrick.  Additionally, the Scout contains limited stamps that guarantee the player 1 S-Rank character on their 20th, 40th, and 60th Scout, making this a great opportunity for players to power up their party.
    • T 'n' T Board Launch: A new in-game “board game” where players throw a dice to aim for goals and have the chance to obtain all-new accessory equipment. The T 'n' T Board will appear as an option on the Adventure menu. Additional information on T 'n' T Board missions and bonuses below.
      • Get T 'n' T Tickets in New Weekly Missions: Two new weekly missions have been added in which players can obtain T 'n' T Tickets.
      • T 'n' T Board Launch Login Bonus: Celebrate the launch of T 'n' T Board and earn up to 10 T 'n' T Tickets from login bonuses! Each day from Oct. 23 to Nov. 30, players can receive at least x1 T 'n' T Ticket. 
    • Even more Quality-of-Life and feature updates such as “Change Perk Level”, “Max Limit / Auto-Rematches Increased to 100” and more have been added for players to take advantage of as they adventure through the world of DRAGON QUEST TACT.

In DRAGON QUEST TACT, players will embark on an epic, tactical journey to diminish the evil that plagues the world of Orchesterra and join forces with familiar DRAGON QUEST series monsters along the way to save the world. Players will strategically build teams of iconic DRAGON QUEST monsters and direct them in heated tactical battles that unfold on a grid-like map. Along the way, players can recruit new monsters as allies and upgrade their favorites to take on more ferocious battles. Additionally, the Battle Road challenges adventurous players with even more story content for players eager to learn more about their monster allies. New and more experienced players can enjoy this new form of combat in this simple-yet-deep tactical RPG game that features a large roster of beloved monsters.
DRAGON QUEST TACT is available as a free download with in-app purchases on the App Store® or Google Play Store™. Text is supported in English, Traditional Chinese and Korean. For more information, please visit:
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