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Experience the Critically-Acclaimed Just Cause Franchise at Home or On-The-Go

LONDON, UK (December 10, 2020) – SQUARE ENIX® today announced - Just Cause®: Mobile, a free to play action-shooter set in the explosive Just Cause universe, designed exclusively for mobile platforms, created as a SQUARE ENIX globally cooperated development project across Europe, America and Japan. Just Cause: Mobile will release on Android and iOS in 2021.

Watch the Just Cause: Mobile Trailer Here:

Expanding the series’ universe, Just Cause: Mobile delivers the explosive action of the Just Cause franchise to your fingertips in action-packed single player and multiplayer experiences, offering an on-the-go grappling, gliding, and shooting experience, all presented through exhilarating top-down gameplay.

Team up with friends online and complete competitive multiplayer and co-operative missions to get gear and upgrades to help tackle your foes during solo-play. Create and customise your own character before experiencing a brand-new single player story campaign, where you will rise through the ranks, form alliances with series’ favorite Just Cause characters, and take on intense missions against the enemy organisation Darkwater.

Just Cause: Mobile will launch with four distinct game modes:


Experience an all new action-packed story set in the Just Cause universe. As a member of the Agency’s secret program, Firebrand, explore large open-world locations and take on Darkwater forces and form alliances with well-known characters from past Just Cause iterations.


Compete online in fast-paced Just Cause multiplayer! Three teams of 10 players fight to secure bases and score points as they battle across a sprawling map while wielding an explosive arsenal of weaponry & vehicles. Players can also form clans with teammates to earn big rewards.


Team up in a 4-player squad to complete challenging missions where players will take on waves of enemies. Select the perfect loadout and blast your way through tough enemies like heavy tanks and armoured mechs!


Looking for an extra challenge to test your skills? Challenge Mode will task you with hitting high scores across three distinct challenges ranging from causing destruction to getting the best lap time. Earn extra rewards for your agent by completing the Destruction, Wingsuit and Race challenges.

Just Cause: Mobile will be available for free on Android and iOS in 2021.

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About Just Cause
The Just Cause series has delivered ground-breaking, open-world technology and explosive action for the last 14 years. In 2006, players were introduced to Rico Rodriguez with the release of JUST CAUSE, a game born out of a vision of complete player freedom - open-world exploration and action were at the heart of this sandbox experience. Released in 2010, JUST CAUSE 2 saw the introduction of Rico’s trademark grapple hook and the game was more expansive and explosive than the first game, in every sense. Released in 2015, JUST CAUSE 3 complemented the original grappling hook and parachute combination with a wingsuit, perfecting the game’s traversal options and allowing players to perform even more death-defying stunts. In the most ambitious Just Cause game to date, December 2018 saw the release of JUST CAUSE 4. This game took the series incredible destruction and unique physics to a whole new level with the introduction of tornadoes and other Extreme Weather events.

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Square Enix External Studios is a London based development and publishing group that works with top development studios across the world, establishing new intellectual properties and developing new franchises within the umbrella of Square Enix Holdings. Square Enix External Studios have been responsible for multiple games including the Just Cause® and Life is Strange® series, as well as titles such as Batman: Arkham Asylum® and Sleeping Dogs®.

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